First of all, let me explain my blog title:
Raleigh - INSIDE&OUT.

If you were born in the old Rex Hospital in the early 50's like I was, you weren't born INSIDE the Beltline. You were just born and lived IN Raleigh. Period.

It wasn't until the early 80's, when the Cliff Benson Beltline was finished that homes and their residents and pets were assigned the titles "Born Inside The Beltline" or "All Those Other People," otherwise known as "Outside The Beltline."

As a result, at the ripe old age of 30-something, I became an Inside The Beltliner through no fault of my own except being born to parents that owned a home on St. Mary's Street.

So, now let me explain what you'll be doing here. You will be following my journey, through sketching and lettering, while I meander Inside and Outside the Beltline.

I'm new at this, so I hope I either give you inspiration to try your hand at it as well, a boost to your ego because you've found someone who's not as good as you are (yet), or at least a good laugh!

In any case, come with me. Be my passenger. And let's enjoy this journey together!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Journey

I have been sick with a killer sore throat/sinus infection for 10 days! No art. No lettering. Just sitting on the sofa in my pajamas watching Lifetime Movies.

Not a grand place to be.

So, the first time I felt like doing something, it was again time for the Sunday teaching. This page is a little different than the first one I showed you below. Not much art, but a wonderful Zentangle in the bottom corner.

Interesting that the topic was about The Journey. I am having an interesting time on my journey in figuring out what kind of journal I like doing. Pen and Ink? Markers? Watercolors on watercolor journal pages? Just lettering? A combinations of Art and Lettering?

I'm having fun. Hope you are too!

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